The Perfect Dress.

On february 8th, my friends and I will be heading down to my alma mater city and state of Mobile, Alabama to embark upon some Mardi Gras adventures. Don’t be fooled. New Orleans knows how to put on a good show, but Mobile is actually the true birth place of Mardi Gras. One simply cannot celebrate this holiday without attending a ball. So “Maids of Jubilee,” here we come. This can only mean one thing. FIND THE PERFECT DRESS. This past Wednesday my sister and I took a trip to see my absolute favorite designers and friends, the one and only, MARCHESA. They are known for creating the most breathtaking couture dresses and gowns your eyes will ever see. Each dress so intricately detailed with cascading heavenly tiers and draping’s of tulle, lace and beading. Many of these dresses have been worn by Hollywood actresses on the red carpet. So I thought to myself, “how am I ever going to decide on just one.” When we stepped into the show room to have a look, I saw it. The first dress I fell in love with was the very dress I left with. It is a dream I tell you.





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